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What is the Difference Between Reefer Containers and Dry Freight Containers?

We all know that a container is a component tool that can load packaged or unpackaged goods for transportation, and is convenient for loading and unloading with mechanical equipment. According to the type of loading, it can be divided into dry container, bulk container, refrigerated container and other types. So what's the difference between reefer containers and dry freight containers? Follow along to find out!

1. Introduction of reefer containers

Regarding some little knowledge about reefer containers, we also know that reefer containers are special containers that have good heat insulation, air tightness, and can maintain certain low temperature requirements, and are suitable for the transportation and storage of various perishable foods.

The types of dry reefer container are divided into built-in mechanical reefer containers with freezers and external mechanical reefer containers without freezers, suitable for loading meat, fruits and other goods. The cost of reefer containers is high, and the operating costs are also high. In use, attention should be paid to the technical status of the refrigeration device and the temperature required for the goods in the box.

2. Introduction of dry freight container

The dry container is what we usually call the ordinary container. It mainly ships groceries, and is usually used to ship stationery, daily necessities, textiles, handicrafts, chemical products, Wujinjiaodian, electronic machinery, instruments and machine parts. Such containers account for 70%-80% of the total number of containers.

In addition to the door of the bulk shipping containers, there are 2 to 3 loading ports on the top of the box, which are suitable for loading powder or granular goods. When in use, keep the inside of the box clean and smooth on both sides to facilitate the unloading of goods from the box door. Using this kind of container can save a lot of packaging costs, reduce the damage of dust to the human body and the environment, and also improve loading and unloading efficiency and reduce logistics costs.

The above are some differences between reefer containers and dry freight containers, I hope to help you.

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