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Dong Fang International Containers



In order to better shoulder the social responsibility that state-owned enterprises should fulfill, the company has invested millions of yuan since July 2016 in the transformation of water- based paint spraying line and welding fume dust removal, so as to control air pollution from the source. The company attaches great importance to emission cutting, and installs RTO device to dispose VOCs emission and paint slag drying device to reduce emission. After transformation, the company's annual emissions of volatile organic compounds have been reduced by 90%, and the production process has become greener and more environmentally friendly. Through monitoring by municipal environmental monitoring stations, the emission indicators are far below the national standards.


In order to improve the automation of production lines, the company actively invests funds to carry out technical transformation, realizing the upgrading of container manufacturing. The company promotes intelligent manufacturing, and gradually implements robot operation in the production of front corner column, door hinge and roof reinforcing plate, so as to save labor and improve quality. In the three-year rolling plan and five-year plan, the company has carried out technological transformation step by step in a planned way, and has moved towards Industrial Manufacturing 4.0 in an orderly manner.

Social Responsiblity

The company is enthusiastic about social welfare. Since 2017, donations have been made to Shanghai Baby Home through various channels and forms. Shanghai Baby Home is a public welfare organization established by non-governmental public welfare people to help orphans. Every year, DFIC’s trade union organizes caring volunteers to go to Baby Home to send care and blessings to patients and children in need. At the same time, more people are aware that there are such a group of children who need attention around us, so that they can get more opportunities and help.