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What Are the Characteristics of Container Houses?

As the container prefab house becomes more and more humanized, more and more construction sites choose it as the office space and living place. In terms of lighting and ventilation, due to the high variable performance of the prefab house, it can be used in the prefab house at any time. All around, drill through and install various ventilation holes that need to be used.

One of the reasons why the container prefab has become the first choice for construction sites is also because of its low construction price. Compared with the prefab housing container, it can save nearly 80% of the cost of construction than the reinforced concrete permanent house. However, its service life can be as long as 20 years. In addition to the service life, the activity performance of prefab container is also incomparable to permanent houses. prefab housing containers introduce advanced modern home design concepts, using steel plates, sandwich panels, bolts, aluminum fittings, concrete, wood, ceramic tiles, glass, paint and other materials, through standard technological processes, refined into an integrated prefab house. prefab housing containers have the characteristics of ready-to-use, mobile anytime, anywhere recycling, recycling, safety, environmental protection, beautiful, economical, fast and efficient.

The prefab container house is very environmentally friendly, it can be recycled and save energy. Moreover, the container mobile house is safe and convenient to build, unlike other houses that require a lot of preparation work to build temporary housing. Instead, it is directly hoisted, which does not require a little cement, sand, and bricks, which saves a lot of resources. After use, it can be directly hoisted away without leaving any garbage products, and it can be walked cleanly. The construction and installation time of the container mobile house is very short, saving time and effort. No garbage is generated. The installation will not affect the surrounding residents.

1. Standardization of the size of prefab housing containers

The dimensions of Dongfang International Container Houses are standardized, and since the containers need to be transported by sea and land, their external dimensions are strictly limited. Objectively speaking, the construction of the container house is inseparable from the size of the existing containers, except for the special customization of a single container, most of the container sizes are standard and uniform.

2. The structure of prefab housing containers is stable and safe

The structure of container house is stable and safe, the service life of container transportation is 10~15 years, after being eliminated by the transportation industry, those undamaged containers are usually guaranteed for more than 15 years, when maintained in good condition, or used with other structures such as concrete, can last longer.

3. The economy of prefab housing containers

Container houses are widely used all over the world. The container can be transported using existing means of transport, and it can also be easily installed by modular combination during construction. When it is necessary to relocate the site, it is easy to remove the transshipment with a small amount of dismantling, and these characteristics determine the manpower and material resources required for the container house, which reflects its economy.

4. The flexibility of prefab housing containers

The flexibility of the container house, compared with the traditional building form, the advantage of the Dongfang International container house lies in the flexibility of construction. When a local needs an upgrade, it can be replaced with a new one; when it needs to be demolished, it can be easily demolished and rebuilt from another location.