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The Transportation Methods of Reefer Containers and Their Respective Characteristics

The so-called refrigerated container transportation is a specialized technology that uses container tools to transport perishable and perishable food from one place to another at low temperature. It is an indispensable link in the cold chain and is usually completed by refrigerated transportation equipment. Refrigeration equipment is a facility and device that can maintain a certain low temperature environment and can transport low temperature goods. So what are the modes of transportation in refrigerated containers? What are the characteristics of each of them? Follow DFIC to learn about it!

It is understood that, according to the mode of transportation, we can divide refrigerated container transportation into land refrigerated transportation (road refrigerated transportation, railway refrigerated transportation), refrigerated container, ship refrigerated transportation and air refrigerated transportation. Details as follows:

1. Land transportation of reefer containers

Land transportation is divided into trucks and trailers. The truck here generally refers to an integrated truck, and its refrigeration box is fixed on the chassis. It can also be a utility van with the rear of the cabin separated from the cab and insulated to maintain cargo temperature.

The tractor-pulled refrigeration trailer is another mode of transportation. Similar to truck-mounted self-contained units, trailer-car mounted trailer units are larger in size and better suited to trailer bodies that require greater cooling capacity.

2. Ship refrigerated transportation of refrigerated containers

There are two main categories of ship refrigerated transportation, one is temperature-controlled containers, and the other is refrigerated ships. Refrigerated containers rely on electricity to drive the compressor, which is supplied by an onboard generator or a portable generator. The cargo hold of a reefer ship is a refrigerated tank, which is often divided into several compartments. Each compartment is a separate enclosed cargo space. The bulkheads and doors are airtight, and covered with thermal insulation materials such as foamed plastics, aluminum plate polymers, etc., so that adjacent compartments do not conduct heat from each other, so as to meet the different temperature requirements of different cargoes.

3. Air refrigerated transportation of refrigerated containers

As a fast transportation method, air refrigerated transportation is usually used to transport perishable goods with high added value that need long-distance transportation or export, such as fresh cut flowers and some tropical fruits.

When air freight is used, in order to fit the special shape of certain parts of the aircraft, the goods need to be loaded into a unit load device (ULD, also known as an air container). General reefer container uses dry ice as a refrigerant, but dry ice as a refrigerant has certain limitations - the temperature control accuracy is not high, and there is no heating function.