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The Third Edition: Open Top Container

In the previous knowledge introduction, we introduced to you the standard refrigerated container of Dong Fang International Containers. Today, we would like to introduce one of the special container products of Dong Fang International Containers – Open Top container. As a relatively popular special container, we can manufacture and have mature production processes for the Open Top container at Dong Fang International Containers. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.

Differences between Open Top container and ordinary container

The biggest difference between the Open Top container and the standard container is that the top of the Open Top container is completely open. The main purpose of this design is to facilitate loading from the top of the container. Open Top container is mainly used for transporting some goods that are difficult to handle using a forklift or manpower, such as coal, ore, or other large goods that need to be hoisted.

Types of Open Top container

From another perspective, the Open Top container is also a special type of container. Considering different application scenarios, there are many types of Open Top containers. According to the top structure, it can be divided into soft top and hard top. The top of the soft top container is mainly composed of a steel top arch and a canvas, which is similar to the top of a truck. The top of the hard top container is a detachable top plate with lock bars that can be fixed on both sides of the container. In terms of size classification, in addition to 20ft and 40ft Open Top containers classified by length, there are also standard height Open Top containers classified by height.

Among all special container products, the High Cube Open Top container has the highest production volume and the most extensive applications. Rail logistics is an important force supporting the Belt and Road Initiative of China. In recent years, railway containers have also received sufficient development. Among them, the Open Top container manufactured by Dong Fang International Containers has also made great contributions to the trade of a large number of products and raw materials along the China-Europe freight train route.

That's all for today's knowledge introduction. To learn more about container-related knowledge, please follow Dong Fang International Containers for more content. See you in the next issue.