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The Seventh Edition: Housing Container

In the previous knowledge introduction, we introduced the Dong Fang International Containers bulk container to you. Today, let us introduce one of the special container products of Dong Fang International Containers – the housing container.

Characteristics of modular housing container

When mining workers step onto the vast highlands and deserts in the west, they see a vast expanse of land with no signs of human activity. Although there are rich mineral and oil deposits underground, mining work is arduous and lonely, and the desolate environment causes great inconvenience. At this time, a temporary working and living area composed of housing containers can bring great comfort to people. These exquisitely decorated housing containers are transported from the factory to the construction site by ships, trains, and trucks. Workers can use simple tools to quickly stack and install the housing containers, connect water and electricity, and immediately turn them into warm and comfortable homes and offices. Modular container house can be configured into bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and even entertainment spaces according to demand.

Modular housing containers as a new type of building

The housing container is loved by residents and architects for its novelty and uniqueness. In addition to mining sites, modular housing containers are also used in scientific research, employee dormitories, creative parks, etc. On the battlefield against the COVID-19 pandemic, housing containers have also shown their strength. Many nucleic acid testing stations seen on the streets and alleys are transformed from housing containers. Compared with conventional buildings, housing containers have extremely short construction time, quick and simple installation, and do not require professional construction workers. Ordinary people can quickly install them in a short period of time. At the same time, with the green development of the container industry, housing containers are also increasingly popular due to their green and low-carbon advantages.

As a relatively popular special container, Dong Fang International Containers can produce modular housing containers. Our company adheres to the corporate mission of "gaining customer recognition, making employees proud, rewarding shareholders, and being responsible to society", adheres to the corporate spirit of "passion, confidence, cooperation, and innovation", aims to "win the market, win the reform, and win the times", and regards "enlightened wisdom, honesty and friendship, openness and inclusiveness, and excellence and sharing" as the core values of the enterprise.

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