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The Fifth Edition: Open Side Container

In the previous episode, we introduced Dong Fang International Containers's open top container. Today, we will introduce one of Dong Fang International Containers's special container products—Open side container.

The open side container is a relatively common specialized container.

It is usually used for land transportation, warehousing, sea transportation, and sometimes even seen as a temporary movable shop on the roadside. The biggest feature of the open side container is that its side can be fully or partially opened. Ordinary standard dry cargo containers have rear doors, and when loading and unloading goods, workers or forklifts need to enter and exit the container. But when containers are used, they are usually placed on trucks. If there is no related container hoisting equipment or loading platform at the loading and unloading site, loading and unloading goods back and forth from a container over 1 meter high will be very time-consuming and labor-intensive. In the case of goods that cannot be moved by manpower, forklifts cannot carry out operations in the container from the ground.

Therefore, the open side container was born. The open side container uses the container's wide side and installs side doors that can be fully or partially opened, allowing forklifts to complete loading and unloading work without entering the container. In places where equipment is not available, it provides great convenience for container loading and unloading.

Precautions for using open side container

When using the open side container, we should also note that because the side of the open side container is equipped with lock bars, the inner width of the open side container is slightly smaller than that of a normal dry cargo container to maintain the external dimensions of the container in compliance with ISO requirements. Therefore, the amount of cargo that can be shipped is also slightly less than that of a standard dry cargo container.

So, here comes the question, do you know that Dong Fang International Containers can manufacture open side containers? As a relatively popular specialized container, we can produce open side containers. Well, that's all for today's knowledge introduction. Is it full of practical information? If you want to know more about containers, follow Dong Fang International Containers and unlock more content. See you in the next episode.