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Dry Container Dimensions and Types: A Comprehensive Guide

In the world of shipping and logistics, the dry container, also known as the standard box, plays a pivotal role in global trade. DFIC, a globally renowned manufacturer of containers, offers a comprehensive range of dry containers that cater to the diverse needs of the industry. This article aims to provide a detailed overview of the sizes and types of dry containers, highlighting their key features and benefits.

Why Dry Containers Are Essential

Dry containers are the workhorses of the shipping industry, designed to transport a wide range of dry goods efficiently and safely. From machinery to grains, paper products, and electronics, dry containers are the go-to solution for shippers worldwide. Their standardized dimensions and robust construction ensure smooth handling and maximum utilization of cargo space.

Dry Container Dimensions at a Glance

Dry containers come in various sizes to accommodate different cargo volumes. The most common sizes are 20-foot, 40-foot, and 40-foot high cube. Here's a quick overview of their dimensions:

20-Foot Dry Container

  • Internal Length: 5.9 meters

  • Internal Width: 2.3 meters

  • Internal Height: 2.3 meters

  • Tare Weight: 2,300 kilograms

  • Payload: 25,000 kilograms

  • Capacity: 33.2 cubic meters

The 20-foot dry container is a popular choice for shippers, as it offers excellent versatility and can be easily handled on cargo ships and in ports without advanced lifting equipment. It is suitable for multimodal transport and is a preferred option for dry cargo shipments.

40-Foot Dry Container

  • Internal Length: 12.03 meters

  • Internal Width: 2.3 meters

  • Internal Height: 2.3 meters

  • Tare Weight: 3,750 kilograms

  • Payload: 27,600 kilograms

  • Capacity: 67.7 cubic meters

The 40-foot dry container is another popular choice for shippers, offering double the cargo capacity of the 20-foot container. Its dimensions and construction are similar to the 20-foot container, but with an increased length that allows for greater loading efficiency.

40-Foot High Cube Dry Container

  • Internal Length: 12.03 meters

  • Internal Width: 2.4 meters

  • Internal Height: 2.70 meters

  • Tare Weight: 3,900 kilograms

  • Payload: 28,600 kilograms

  • Capacity: 76.3 cubic meters

The 40-foot high cube dry container is an excellent choice for shippers requiring additional height for taller cargo. Its dimensions are similar to the standard 40-foot container, but with an increased height that allows for greater cargo capacity and versatility.

The Importance of Standardization

The standardization of dry container dimensions, set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), has revolutionized global trade. By ensuring that containers are uniform in size and compatible with handling equipment, standardization has reduced loading and unloading time, minimized space wastage, and improved overall efficiency in the shipping industry.

In conclusion, dry containers are essential for global trade, and DFIC offers a comprehensive range of sizes and types to meet the varying needs of shippers. From the versatile 20-foot container to the spacious 40-foot high cube container, DFIC's dry containers are designed to ensure efficient and safe transportation of dry goods worldwide.