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Dong Fang International Containers

Why Is Shipping Container so Popular in the Transportation Industry?

With the continuous development of the transportation industry, more and more enterprises are looking for reputable container leasing companies to rent suitable containers to improve the convenience and safety of the entire transportation process, thereby promoting the smooth completion of the entire transportation business. So why is the dry shipping container so popular in the transportation industry? Let's take a look.

The reason why more and more transportation service companies are looking for container leasing companies to rent equipment is related to the following advantages:

Dry cargo container has higher loading and unloading efficiency and faster turnover cycles

When transporting goods using the dry shipping container, multiple individual items can be consolidated to improve the efficiency of the entire equipment loading, unloading, and transportation process.

Dry cargo container has simpler transportation procedures, making the transportation of goods much faster

Using containers to transport goods, customs inspections can be done on the spot at the sealing point, and the goods can be delivered directly to the recipient without any intermediate transfers. This greatly simplifies the transportation process and shortens the time required for the entire transportation process.

Dry freight container improves the quality of cargo transportation and reduce cargo loss

The containers leased by a dry shipping container leasing company have a certain level of quality assurance, in terms of durability and compression strength, that provide good protection for the transported goods. Moreover, the container body is resistant to wind and sun and reduces the possibility of goods being stolen or lost during transportation.

For larger transportation companies, when looking for container leasing companies to rent containers, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the entire container, container leasing terms, and aftersales service. This will ensure that the subsequent use of the container is safer and provides a solid foundation for the smooth completion of the entire product transportation process.

DFIC (Dong Fang International Containers), a professional container manufacturing platform under China Ocean Shipping Co., LTD., belongs to SASAC's Cosco Shipping Development Co., LTD. (A + H listed company), entered the container manufacturing industry in 2005.  The company specializes in container production, R&D, sales, and aftersales service. It is an important part of the group's container transportation, manufacturing, logistics, and leasing industry chain. DFIC headquarters is located in Shanghai and has three container manufacturing plants in Jinzhou, Liaoning Province, Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, and Nansha, Guangzhou. It also has a sales company in Hong Kong as an external sales and financing platform. Welcome to inquire!