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The Fourth Issue: Pallet Wide Container

In the previous knowledge introduction, we introduced to you Dong Fang International Containers's open-top container. Today, let's learn about Dong Fang International Containers's special container product - the pallet wide container.

Pallet wide containers, as the name suggests, are wider than standard containers. Our standard containers, whether they are 20ft or 40ft, have the same width of 2.438 meters. The width of a pallet wide container exceeds this size. The most common pallet wide containers currently available are the 2.44 meter 20ft pallet wide container and the 2.35 meter 40ft pallet wide container. Do you know that Dong Fang International Containers can manufacture pallet wide containers? The answer will be revealed later.

Basic knowledge of pallet wide container

The English name for pallet wide containers is Pallet Wide Container. Pallet refers to the pallet used for loading goods. The English translation is a container with a pallet width. Why does it have such a strange name? Here's an interesting story:

As we all know, there are currently two sets of measurement standards in the world: the English system and the metric system. Containers, as a transportation tool invented by Americans, use dimensions based on the English system. The width of 2.438 meters, converted to the English system, happens to be 8 feet. However, in Europe, standard sizes are based on the metric system, and the EU's standard pallet dimensions are 1.2 meters by 0.8 meters and 1.2 meters by 1 meter. Therefore, when using standard containers, Europeans discovered a problem because the inner width of a standard container is only 2.352 meters, which means they cannot be placed side by side with two 1.2 meters wide pallets. Therefore, some European companies would order 2.5-meter-pallet wide containers to meet their loading requirements, which is the origin of the pallet wide container.

Pallet pallet wide container as a relatively popular type of special container

Pallet pallet wide containers can be customized at Dong Fang International Containers. Please call us for more information. In addition, containers with widths of 2.44 meters and 2.35 meters are also customized according to local pallet dimensions.

Alright, that's all for today's knowledge introduction. Here's a question: Do you know if Dong Fang International Containers can produce the pallet wide container? To learn more about container-related knowledge and Dong Fang International Containers, follow us and unlock more content. See you next time.