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Side-Opening Sea Containers: All-Round Features of A Security Guardian

In the wave of global trade, sea containers carry countless cargoes, and their safety is the key to guaranteeing the integrity of valuables. DFIC manufactures high-quality open-sided containers. The side-opening sea container is a kind of shipping container which has been modified to incorporate two sets of double doors into the long side of the container. This opens up the entire length of the container, giving full and unrestricted access. Below, we discuss the unique security features of side-opening sea containers in protecting cargo.

Rugged structural design

The side-opening sea container box structure, after precision design, uses high-strength steel or aluminum alloy and other high-quality metal materials to ensure that the container remains strong and durable during long-distance transport. The bottom and side of the stable stacking plate structure effectively prevent the goods from shaking during transport, greatly reducing the risk of damage to the goods.

Tight and flawless side door design

The side door design of the side-opening sea container is a model of safety. The door body consists of multiple precision locking pins and high-quality sealing strips to ensure a high degree of tightness when the door is closed. This design can effectively prevent the intrusion of water, dust, and other external factors, providing a safe and clean storage environment for the goods.

Highly reliable safety locks

In addition to the tightness of the side door, side-opening sea containers are also equipped with highly reliable safety locks. These locks are specially designed with advanced functions such as anti-prying and anti-shearing, which can effectively resist illegal opening and theft by lawless elements and provide impregnable security for the goods.

Intelligent monitoring system

With the rapid development of science and technology, side-opening sea containers began to be equipped with advanced intelligent monitoring systems. The system can monitor the temperature, humidity, and other environmental parameters inside the container in real-time, as well as the location and status of the goods. Once abnormalities are found, the system will immediately issue an alarm to remind the relevant personnel to deal with them in a timely manner to ensure the safety of goods during transport.

In summary, side-opening sea containers have demonstrated excellent safety performance in terms of structural design, side door design, safety locks, and intelligent monitoring systems. These features and measures together build an all-around security system, providing a solid guarantee for the safe transport of valuable goods.