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Dong Fang International Containers

Shanghai Puhai Shipping Co., Ltd. Carriage over 500,000 TEU


On June 28th, at the staff cultural activity center of Qidong Container Factory, people gathered for the celebration to mark the number of containers for carriage that amounts to over 500,000 TEU with the cooperation of Shanghai Puhai Shipping and Qidong Container Factory of DFIC. 

Since the start of the acquisition project, Qidong Container Factory of DFIC works closely with Puhai Shipping under the Group’s “Four Guidance” for management, holding on to their missions, reinforcing Party construction and shared construction as so to work together to strengthen the management of industrial chain within the Group. On July 15th, 2020, the number of containers for carriage exceeded 100,000 TEU. After that, every record-breaking increase of 100,000 TEU exhibits unremitting improvements of shipping capacity, gratifying breakthroughs and the paragon of overall development and collaboration under the guidance of DFIC corporate culture.  


Zhu Tao, Deputy General Manager of COSCO Shipping and General Manager of PANASIA Shipping, Luo Hailin, Deputy General Manager of PANASIA Shipping and General Manager of Puhai Shipping, Hu Bo, Secretary of Party Committee and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee of Puhai Shipping, Qi Jun, Deputy General Manager of China Ocean Shipping Agency Shanghai Co., Ltd, Li Qianmin, General Manager of DFIC, and other representatives of the above institutions were invited to attend the celebration. Other attendees include representatives from China Ocean Shipping Agency in Zhangjiagang, Shanghai and Nantong, and China Ocean Shipping Tally Co., Ltd. Nantong. Bao Hua, Chairman of the Board and Chen Jianjun, General Manager and other leaders from Qidong Container Factory warmly received the above guests and participated in the event together.

First, Bao Hua, Chairman of the Board of Qidong Container Factory, gave a welcome speech to the audience. He noted that the gratifying handover of 500,000 TEU containers was achieved by the joint efforts of both sides. This was a perfect demonstration of the company’s permanent mission—"promising good credit to our customers and meeting their expectations". Amid the current complex market landscape, Qidong Container Factory will promote shared construction in response to the support of Party construction, boosting coordinated development of the industrial chain.

Li Qianmin, General Manager of DFIC, stressed that the two sides would do their utmost to implement the sharing mode, giving full play to the strength of cooperation. With innovative spirit and courage to shoulder responsibilities, they will overcome difficulties in order to broaden and deepen the cooperation of all fellow enterprises within the Group. Moreover, both sides would forge ahead with joint efforts to enhance the awareness of serving and of upholding quality, reinforcing overall and balanced development of the enterprise and, with both sides’ cooperation, marching towards a new pinnacle.

Zhu Tao, Deputy General Manager of COSCO Shipping and General Manager of PANASIA Shipping, gave a brilliant speech at the celebration, offering tremendous encouragement for both sides. The transition of our transportation structure that “shifts road transportation to railway and waterway transportation” has brought opportunities for the manufacturing and delivery of containers. Against such backdrop, we should give full play to cooperation, stick to our missions as national enterprises and strive for quality progress. We should devote unswerving efforts to expanding and optimizing state-owned enterprises regardless of the uncertainties in the market. We shall conclude our past accomplishments and head forward for a better future. With the Party’s guidance and our country’s new pattern for development, we should further develop concentrated sources of supply rather than scattered ones, contributing to the dream of becoming a maritime and shipping power.