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Unlocking the Potential of Open Top Containers: The Versatile Solution for Your Unique Shipping Needs

In today's globalized world, shipping and logistics play a pivotal role in connecting businesses and consumers. DFIC, as a world-leading container manufacturer, offers a comprehensive range of containers, including a unique type known as the open top container. This innovative container design is tailored to meet the challenges of transporting bulky and awkwardly shaped cargo.

What is an Open Top Container?

An open top container, as the name suggests, is a specialized shipping container that features a removable or retractable roof. Unlike standard dry cargo containers, the open top container allows for the loading and unloading of goods from the top using cranes or other heavy-duty lifting equipment. This unique design makes it an ideal solution for shipping large, bulky, or oddly shaped items that would otherwise be difficult to fit into a standard container.

How Does an Open Top Container Ensure Saf Transportation?

The open top design of these containers may raise concerns about the safety of cargo during transportation. However, DFIC's open top containers are equipped with several safety measures to ensure the integrity of your goods. A durable tarpaulin cover is used to protect the cargo from weather elements such as rain and wind. This tarpaulin is securely fastened and lockable, providing a robust barrier against external threats.

To further enhance security, the tarpaulin cover is fastened with clips that require special tools to open. Additionally, open top containers are monitored throughout the transportation process to deter theft and vandalism.

The Capacity and Size of Open Top Containers

DFIC's open top containers come in two standard sizes: 20-foot (20OT) and 40-foot (40OT). The choice of size depends on the dimensions and weight of your cargo. The 20-foot open top container offers a capacity of 32.7 cubic meters (1155 cubic feet), while the 40-foot version boasts a capacity of 66.7 cubic meters (2356 cubic feet).

Before deciding on a container, it is crucial to calculate the exact dimensions and weight of your cargo to ensure a secure and efficient shipping experience.

Common Uses of Open Top Containers

The versatility of open top containers makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. Here are some common scenarios where an open top container could be the perfect solution:

  • Shipping large or irregularly shaped machinery

  • Transporting pipes and long steel bars

  • Shipping electrical wires and cables

  • Moving scrap metal and bulk coal

  • Transporting trees and lumber

  • Shipping building materials, such as glass sheets and wooden planks

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient way to transport bulky or oddly shaped cargo, consider the benefits of an open top container from DFIC. Our expert team is here to guide you through the selection process and ensure that your shipping needs are met with the utmost precision and care.