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Dong Fang International Containers

About Shipping Container Classification

Due to repeated international epidemics, the number of shipping return containers is limited, and "lack of containers" has become a topic that international logistics people often talk about after dinner. The cargo boxes are not evenly distributed among the various types of shipping containers. Let's take a look at the classification of containers. According to the type of goods loaded, there are dry shipping container, bulk container, liquid bulk container, reefer container, and some special special containers, such as automobile container, livestock container, animal skin container, etc.

1. Dry shipping container

Ordinary container, also known as dry shipping container, general cargo container. It is mainly used to ship groceries, usually used to ship stationery, daily necessities, medicine, instruments and machine parts. Dry shipping containers account for 80% of the total number of containers. In addition to frozen goods, live animals, and plants, dry box shipping containers can be used for goods that are suitable for container transportation in terms of size and weight. This type of container is widely used, accounting for 70% to 80% of the total number of containers. There are two commonly used 20-foot and 40-foot types. Its structural characteristics are often closed, and there are usually box doors at one end or side.

2. Bulk container

Bulk container refers to a "container" with a loading port at the top and a delivery port at the bottom, which is mainly used for unpackaged solid granular and powdered goods. It is often used to load grain, and can also load various feed, resin, borax, cement, sand and gravel and other goods. When loading grains, due to the need for quarantine, some bulk containers are also provided with attachments for fumigation on the top of the shipping container.

3. Liquid bulk container

Liquid bulk containers are also called "tank containers". "Containers" suitable for shipping oil, alcohol and other liquid chemicals. It consists of two parts: the box frame and the tank. Some are also equipped with high pressure, low pressure, heat preservation or heating device. There are two types of single-tank type and multi-tank type, and the single-tank type is used more. Tank containers can also be used for powder transportation, and the powder container should be equipped with a device to suck out the powder.

4. Refrigerated containers

A refrigerated container is a container with a freezer equipment and a material with low thermal conductivity laid on the inner wall to load frozen, thermal insulation and fresh-keeping goods.

In addition, a car container is a container specially designed to carry cars and can be divided into two layers for loading. A livestock container is a specially designed container for the transport of live livestock, with ventilation, feeding and manure removal. A hide container is a container specially designed for shipping rawhide and other leaky goods, with a double bottom that can store leaked liquids. If you have container needs, welcome to order Dong fang containers!