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About Bulk Container

Orient International Container Co., Ltd. is a professional container manufacturing platform directly under China Ocean Shipping Corporation Limited. In 2005, it became a listed company under the container manufacturing COSCO Shipping Development Co., Ltd. The company specializes in the production, sales and after-sales service of containers, and is an important link in the entire industry chain of the group's container transportation, manufacturing, logistics and leasing.

Today DFIC will introduce to you one of Orient International's special container products - bulk container.

1. Bulk container is a special container

When we use standard containers, we mainly ship some packaged goods that are convenient for manpower or forklift handling. If containers are needed to ship some unpacked bulk goods, such as soybeans, yellow sand, ore powder, etc., ordinary containers cannot be shipped. At this time, we need to use a special container --- bulk container. We can usually see these kinds of boxes in places like mines, farms and bulk terminals.

2. The main characteristics of bulk containers

There are 2-3 manholes on the top of the bulk container, usually round, and a small part is square. The top opening is mainly to facilitate the injection of bulk goods from the top through the conveyor belt and funnel. A simple ladder is usually installed at the front of the box to facilitate workers to climb to the top to open and close the top manhole. Here is a little knowledge for everyone, why is the hole on the top of the bulk container called a manhole? Because the size of the opening on the top of a conventional bulk container is just enough for an adult to enter and exit, it is also popularly called a manhole.

In addition to the opening at the top, there is also a discharge door under the front end of the bulk container for unloading. After the bulk container is full of goods, the pressure on the rear door will be great. If the workers operate according to the conventional container and open the back door, the workers will be submerged by the dumped goods in an instant, resulting in a safety accident. After the bulk container arrives at the destination, the lifting equipment is usually used to open the discharge door, and the cargo inside is dumped out by tilting the box.

As a relatively popular special container, bulk container can be produced by our dong fang international containers. If you want to know more about containers, follow DFIC to unlock more content.