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Dong Fang International Containers

40 Ft Pallet Wide Container: A Powerful Engine for Global Supply Chain

In the global supply chain, which is becoming more and more complex and intertwined today, 40 ft  pallet wide containers with their excellent performance, have become a star choice in the logistics industry. 40 ft  pallet wide containers not only enhance transport efficiency and optimize cost control to a great extent, but also play a vital role in promoting the development of international trade.

Extremely rapid leap in logistics efficiency

The introduction of 40 ft  pallet wide containers has brought revolutionary progress to the logistics industry. Its wide-body design allows for the carrying of more goods in a single transport, significantly reducing cumbersome links of transfer, loading, and unloading, thus greatly improving the flow of logistics efficiency. At the same time, the standardized design of the 40 ft  pallet wide container ensures smooth docking between different modes of transport, making the operation of the global supply chain more efficient and smooth.

Remarkable results in cost control

In terms of cost control, the 40 ft  pallet wide container also shows extraordinary strength. Its strong loading capacity effectively reduces the transport cost per unit of goods, achieving significant savings in total logistics costs. In addition, the standardized design of 40 ft  pallet wide containers also reduces the breakage rate and loss rate of goods, further minimizing losses in the logistics process. With the wide application of these containers, related supporting equipment and services have also rapidly developed, such as container terminals, storage facilities, etc., which together promote the further reduction of logistics costs.

Strong booster for international trade

In the vast arena of global trade, 40 ft  pallet wide containers play a pivotal role. With their efficient transport capacity and cost control capabilities, 40 ft  pallet wide containers make international trade more convenient and economical. At the same time, they also promote the integration and optimization of the global supply chain, strengthening economic ties between countries. In addition, 40 ft pallet wide containers also promote the development of multimodal transport in international trade, improving the flexibility and responsiveness of international trade.

DFIC: your reliable partner

With exquisite craftsmanship and excellent quality, DFIC manufactures high-quality wide pallet containers and provides transport solutions at the most favorable prices. In particular, our 40 ft pallet wide containers are especially suitable for transporting European pallets as they can accommodate higher and more pallets, giving them an advantage over standard 40 ft pallet wide containers. By choosing DFIC, you will get the most reliable partner to start a new chapter in logistics together.